Dave Gowens, affectionately known as "Teeto" (southern for Tito) started playing at the age of 5 with his older brother as his mentor. Dave's first percussive love was marching percussion, but soon included hand percussion. Dave fell in love with the music of Santana, Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, James Brown and Tower of Power... yea, Tower of Power!

Dave currently plays with "2BLU and The Lucky Stiffs" and the occasional studio session and virtually anyone that asks him, as long as they don't have a case of honky-pox and LOVE to play with soul and at least a little bit of FUNK...

Field of DrumsDave's plays Meinl 30th Anniversary Leopard Burl Congas and Bongos, LP Matador Congas and Bongos, LP Potato Congas with LP Classic Bongos, PEARL, LP, and custom Timbales by Don't Fret Instruments ,Remo and Toca Djembe Drums, SABIAN and Zildjian Cymbals, assorted hand percussion and animal parts by MEINL, LP, RhythmTech and Pearl Percussion, Sticks and brushes by Zildjian and Vic Firth. Washboards by Dubl Handi, Washboard capo by Kyser, Custom Cajons by Don't Fret Instruments, Bamboo Guiro, and modified washboard designed and built by Don't Fret Instruments and by Washboard Ernie Cleveland, authentic brass spitoon by Redskin Tobacco Company. MEINL and Gilbralter stands:, Audix. SHURE, Sennheiser and Behringer Electronics.

With so much gear, Dave mixes and matches to scratch the constant itch for a different sonic experience. Brushes on djembe drums are a prime example of a tastful texture.

Hands of percussionist


2BLU and TheLucky Stiffs, Goin' Fishin, UGOT2MOVE Productions
2BLU and TheLucky Stiffs, Self Titled, UGOT2MOVE Productions
Little Feat, Guest appearance, Live Performance, Trelawny Jamaica
Lucky Stiffs, Soul Light, Barn Records
Providence, Switchback
Mile Zero, Away From Myself
Jamos, Loser Westwood Band
Kingwood Band, Legacy Of Praise
Providence, Self Titled
Kingwood Band , More Today
Zac Collins, 4 minutes 30 seconds
Kingwood Band, Legacy Of PraiseII


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Goin' Fishin' by 2BLU

Goin' Fishin'

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Walk in Peace

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Dead Man Blues


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